While I was on my run today, I noticed there was a lot of "cheering" floating through the air.  It may have been some Patriot’s fans on their couches basking in a great victory, or it could have been the crowds at Boston Calling… It was probably all of that, and also some photographers baying at the moon in preparation of the supermoon/eclipse tonight.  Regardless of what the cheering was in reference to, there was a lot of it around today – floating out of apartment windows, and flying around our gorgeous weather.  

The clear skies today will continue for our supermoon/eclipse viewing tonight.  I’ll be here in the 7News weather cave, so I’ll have to rely on your pictures coming in through social media!  You’ll want to wear a jacket if you’re going out for viewing – but it won’t be as cold as last night.  Lows tonight will drop fairly quickly in the evening hours, but then slow-the-roll as some more clouds move in after midnight (48-58°).  Again, the supermoon and lunar eclipse haven’t coincided since 1982, and it won’t happen again until 2033… so we’re making history with this celestial event tonight.  It’s a "supermoon" because the moon is at its closest orbit (perigee) to Earth, making the moon appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter!  It’s also the lunar eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow appears on the moon, making it appear rad… Wait, I mean red… but I also mean rad too.  It’ll be rad.  

We’re going on a roller coaster ride with temperatures this week!  The high pressure that’s been keeping us nice and sunny is moving away, and we’ll get a return flow of some milder and muggier air from the SSW.  Temps are on the rise tomorrow, and so are the dewpoints.  Highs will top out in the mid to upper 70s under mostly cloudy skies.  We can’t rule out a stray shower tomorrow, but most will stay dry.

It’s Tuesday when the showers will become more widespread, and there’s even a chance for some thunderstorms along with this mild, muggy air mass.  The rain is on and off through Tuesday, but really kicks into gear Tuesday night through the better part of Wednesday.  This is WELCOME rain – We need it.  How much are we talking here?  Could be 1-1.5" for many spots, with locally higher amounts!  We’ll take it.

Wednesday is also when the WINDS kick into gear.  It will be windy for the remainder of the week, with gusty on-shore winds expected through Saturday.  Add to the on-shore wind the astronomically high tides, and you have a recipe for coastal flooding.  We’ll watch this closely this week; for now it just looks like minor flooding with the potential for pockets of moderate flooding.  

We had the forecast on "auto-pilot" for quite a while!  We’re in need of a pattern change, and here we go!  I think this week will keep us on our toes.  – Breezy

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