Cherry Picking The Dry Times

Got plans this weekend? Who doesn’t? Summer weekends don’t last forever, and it seems that every year we cram more things into those two precious days than time allows.

So when word of rain gets around, everyone wants to know when, where and how much.

When: Startup is late Saturday in the 6-9pm timeframe. Even here, it’s light and spotty, not a rush to downpours.

Where: All across Southern New England

How Much: After the storm system moves out, 1-2 (or even 2 1/2) inches of rain may fall!

I’m still optimistic (but don’t call me naive) about the drying on Sunday afternoon. Questions still abound, however. Even though the heavy rain shuts off by mid/late AM, the clouds could still hang tough for the remainder of the day. Moreover, if the warm front fizzles out, it could stay in the upper 50s to low 60s north of the Pike all day long.

Big frown on that. But I want you prepared, not pissed. Where the warm air punches through, we could see highs nearing 70 – on the South Shore, Buzzards Bay and the Cape/Islands. Best chance of sun is there too on Sunday.

So the pick seems to be Saturday. Even here, the clouds will weasel in by afternoon, so beach weather is marginal. 

So what is the good news? Warmer weather by the middle of next week! And although the trend is cooling toward the holiday weekend next week…I remain…, optimistic about the weekend itself.

Make it a good weekend.