Chicago family reunited with dog missing for 4 years

CHICAGO (NBC) - A Chicago family got an unbelievable surprise when a dog they believed to be gone for good was unexpectedly returned home.

Chiquito the Chihuahua had a great, playful day at home with his family in Slag Valley after a mysterious four year absence.

Gloria Martinez said when they last saw him, he slipped out of their backyard during a family party.

“We got distracted and he went in the alley and we didn’t see him again,” she said.

The entire family was heartsick.

“We posted up flyers all around the neighborhood and asked people to help us look for him, but no luck,” Gloria’s son Joey said.

They even got a new Chihuahua named Miles.

And then out of the blue, police called Tuesday night to say they checked the microchip on a lost dog and it traced back to their address.

“When they called, I was surprised,” Joey said. “I honestly didn’t believe it. I thought it was a prank call or something.”

Police said a couple of concerned people flagged them down when they spotted a Chihuahua wandering alone in West Pullman at 126th and Michigan, more than eight miles from his original home.

The Martinez family went to the police station for a joyful reunion four years in the making.

Now, Chiquito is clearly happy to be back home with his family, and getting acquainted with his new younger brother.