Chicopee High School’s choir set to perform with Foreigner at the Big E

CHICOPEE, MASS. (WHDH) - Chicopee High School’s choir is set to share the stage with legends this weekend.

The students will perform with Foreigner at the Big E on Sunday and will serve as background vocals for the classic hit ‘I wanna know what love is.’

The chorus director, Deborah Salli, says they have been preparing for their moment on stage for a while, and are excited for the big day.

“This morning on our announcements, we play music for about five minutes, and the girl who’s actually a senior in my auditioned chorus, she heads up the announcements in the morning and she actually started playing some Foreigner music,” Salli said. “She started off with that one and everybody was in the hallways going to class singing the song so we’re pretty pumped and the whole thing is going to just be amazing.”

The choir says they are honored to be chosen for this opportunity.

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