Chief: Salem police captain suspended for ‘disparaging’ tweet about Boston protests

A Salem police captain has been suspended for sending out a “disparaging” tweet on the department’s official Twitter account, criticizing Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Gov. Charlie Baker for their handling of the George Floyd protests that took place in Boston over the weekend, authorities said.

“I was informed that an unauthorized tweet was posted on the department’s Twitter account,” Salem Police Chief Mary E. Butler said in a statement. “The tweet contained disparaging comments regarding the city of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ leadership and the protests that occurred in Boston over the weekend.”

In a tweet that has since been taken down but screenshotted, Capt. Kate Stephens wrote, “So you issued a permit for 10 of thousands of people to protest but I can’t go to a restaurant? You are ridiculous. You and Too Tall Deval are killing this State.”

Butler said Stephens’ comments were a “personal opinion” and “in no way reflect the values and beliefs” of her department.

Stephens has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

The investigation will also include recommendations on how to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, according to Butler.

A hearing will be held to determine appropriate disciplinary action when the investigation is completed.

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