Child finds pills inside gumball machine prize in Rochester, N.H.

ROCHESTER, NH (WHDH) - A mother said she is still in shock after she put a quarter in a gumball machine and got a plastic container of pills in return.

Seven-year-old Allyson Jones’s grandmother gave her a quarter to use the gumball machine Friday night at the Rochester House of Pizza. Allyson’s mother, Courtney Jones, said when the prize came out of the machine, she saw there was no toy inside.

“When I saw it come down, I saw it wasn’t a toy,” said Jones. “I thought it was candy.”

Upon closer inspection, Allyson’s grandmother said the container had medication inside. They called police, who confirmed that the plastic container did contain pills.

“The pills weren’t narcotics, not controlled drugs,” said Rochester Police Lt. Todd Pinkham. “They appeared to to be blood pressure pills from the size, the color and the imprint on the pill itself.”

The Rochester House of Pizza has since removed the gumball machine. Police said they are worked with the restaurant and the vendor, reviewing video and retracing steps to figure out how the pills got inside.

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