Child’s diagnosis of typhoid fever prompts closure of North Quincy daycare center

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - A North Quincy daycare center is closed after officials confirmed a child had a case of typhoid fever.

The child contracted the rare disease after traveling overseas, a daycare official from Bright Horizons told 7News.

The daycare learned of the exposure Tuesday and closed Wednesday. Children and staff from the daycare are now undergoing tests, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said.

A parent whose daughter attends the daycare said the situation has left her rattled.

“It was very scary, very scary,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous. “Then you start Googling what is this, what does it mean. I mean, I have an infant, so it’s even more dangerous in that age range.”

Typhoid fever is spread through contaminated food and water or close contact with someone who has it. The disease is potentially fatal. Symptoms include high fever, stomach pain and sometimes internal bleeding. It is treated with antibiotics.

Bright Horizons will reopen once testing is completed, an official for the center said. All of the parents of children who may have been impacted have been communicated with, they added.

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