Dang…..Early spring is frustrating around these parts. I can’t decide which is worse—a long cold winter that becomes a chilly spring (like the past two years) OR a mild winter/month of March–like this year and then we snap into a cold pattern in April. We were doing so well and then boom the jet stream buckled into a configuration us snow lovers would have LOVED back in December & January but not early April.

Not only has this jet stream delivered the big chill but also quite a bit of storminess the past week…almost one a day! Looking ahead this pattern holds for a few more days with cold temps and two more storm but only one that pesters us. The first storm will pass south of New England late tomorrow just grazing us with clouds & perhaps some rain/snow showers along the South Coast & Cape. For the rest of us, it’s just an increase in clouds through the day. Sunshine is with us Sunday but both days are chilly–only in the 40s each day (normal high is 53).

Our next storm arrives on Monday with clouds & some sprinkles/isolated showers but no heavy rain. The clouds & sprinkles once again keep the temps in the 40s–chilly for the Sox Home Opener but heck—we’re playing baseball again. Tuesday is the brunt of the storm with periods of rain but temps will reach the mid 50s.

I think finally by the middle & end of next week the jet stream begins to lift out of New England taking the storminess with it and allowing the sun to begin its magic—sending temps into the 50s (cooler at the coast). The potential is there for much warmer weather (60s & above) to arrive the week of the Marathon but lets see if the atmosphere is ready to commit to that idea.

Enjoy your weekend!


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