Chilly Setback

Sea breeze really got us today. Highs only managed the mid/upper 50s (at best) along the coast thanks to a wind blowing off of 42 degree water.


Tomorrow’s get back day. Showers move through – a minus – before the sun slowly breaks out in the mid afternoon. Wind direction is key to the warmup – coming from the southwest and then west late day. We’re in good graces on Saturday too as the sun will dominate. Slight chance at a quick, passing shower around midday with a swift moving front, but otherwise the weekend is dry. 

With a cooling trend on Sunday…and beyond.

Now look. I don’t want to see any big old crocodile tears shed over the cooler weather next week. We all know this is mid April (er, right?) and we’re far from consistently seeing highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. Wet weather really brings the cool air home to roost. Onshore winds will put a chilly finishing touch on the temperatures. Essentially, we’re hung up on two separate weather systems: one on Marathon Monday into Tuesday and another on Thursday. This is good news for the lawns and gardens, but not for the Marathon or spring break. Whether or not this is a blip on the screen or something that will evolve into a wet pattern remains to be seen.

Let’s let it play out first.