Cinco De Marzo

May 5th or March 5th? Help a brother out because the weather maps are looking more like something you’d see in March. A developing storm offshore that is tossing rain into eastern New England. This storm has been kicking up the wind along the coast as well with most towns reporting winds between 10-20 mph with gusts creating wind chills in the upper 30s. Outstanding.

This storm is just a glancing blow for us with rain & wind this evening and will move on overnight. Normally, we’d expect sunshine for the following day but yet another storm–now located in Carolina–wobbles up into the Northeast tomorrow. Thankfully, this storm will weaken as it approaches the region but still plan on a bunch of clouds tomorrow and again on Saturday. Despite a lot of clouds the next few days, not much rain…only a few random showers possible tomorrow evening. By Saturday the storm weakens further likely only able top produce a few random sprinkles. Outdoor plans should be OK. Temps recover as well with afternoon temps near 60….cooler coast though. Mother’s Day sees one last shot of rain…some showers. Not from a storm but a cool front that sweeps this messy pattern out to sea. Yay. However, the front itself will pop some showers Sunday morning & early afternoon. Boo. Temps on Sunday reach the low 60s.

Better weather appears likely early next week.