Class Act: Clinton High student strives to help

CLINTON (WHDH) — Clinton High junior Samantha Andrade is always on the go.

Her time is booked solid: she’s a cheerleader, does community service, teaches C.C.D. on Sunday, volunteers on a farm and keeps up her academics.

“It’s hard going to school from seven to two, then cheer from four to six, then you have to study. I don’t even know what sleep is anymore.”

At 16, she has had several jobs and bought two cars with her own money.

“I used to get made fun of because I had my first job in eighth grade. When I was 14 I worked at a diner, and people would be like, ‘well we didn’t ask you to hang out because you’re always working.'”

There is a reason she works so hard. The money Andrade saves helps her family stay afloat financially.

“It’s just met, my mom and my brothers,” Andrade said. “I think that’s something that is really important…not everything gets handed down to everybody, this is something I learned growing up.”

What brings us here today is a student who excels in all areas, but really it is about her character.

Even though Samantha works a lot, many who know her say she is not missing out on life.

“She always knows, if she has an idea in her head, of what she wants to do, and when she has the idea, there’s nothing stopping her,” said friend Riley Scanlon.

Friend Irbin Deleon says “She likes talking to people. She’s a people person.”

Teacher Meaghan Calkins said Andrade “has always been this effervescent person who was always around people, who was always trying to make the good side of people come out.”

“I was awarded with most motivational player on the team,” Andrade said of her cheerleading team. “That means a lot.”

And Andrade sees the best in others too.

“She loved me and I don’t know why. Because I don’t find my personality to be the greatest at times,” said Deleon.

Deleon has muscular dystrophy and needs a wheelchair to get around. But Samantha has high hopes for when they graduate next year.

Andrade said they have a lot of stuff in common. “He generally listens to really good music. He’s just a sweetheart.”

“I want him to walk across the stage,” Andrade said. “Even if I have to pick him up and pull him, he’s walking, he’s not rolling.”

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