Erica Anderson is recognized by her friends for her heart and selflessness. 

She a cross country runner at Rumney Marsh Academy in Revere.

During a meet in Lynn Woods, Erica noticed a runner from another team who was lost. 

The lost runner had a developmental disability, and Erica knew she needed help.

“I knew she was getting lost when I was on the trail, she went the other way,” said Erica.

When Erica didn’t make it out of Lynn woods in her usual time, the athletic director thought something was amiss.

“We were waiting for her towards the end, and she wasn’t coming out. So, finally we saw another girl with her and we said, Erica, what’s going on? And she said, this girl was lost in the woods,” said Peter Digiulio.

Those who know her say that’s just Erica, being Erica.

“I just felt like I had to help her because she would’ve gotten lost, because it was like no instructors there,” Erica said.

Cross country is wrapped up for the season, and now Erica can hardly wait for spring to play her favorite sport, softball.

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