Two juniors at Montrose School in Medfield are making senior citizens in their community very happy.

Gabby Leonard, 16, and Michaela Fleming, 17, lead a group of girls who visit The Thomas Upham House every week.

"They need someone who can love them, someone who can respect them and  help them out and just talk to them," Gabby Leonard said . "I love just visiting the elderly and spending time with them."

"A lot of them ask the same questions because they’re older but it’s okay. We just keep repeating it to them so they know that they’re loved," Michaela Fleming said .

Their advisor, Kate Cusack, said the girls started young and helped to grow the group.

"They stayed very faithful to it and so I asked them if they would be the leaders even though they were young, just in ninth grade, and they said yes," Cusack said. "Since then, this is now three years later, they’ve been going on Thursday afternoons."

The teenagers plan activities most weeks.

"They always remember we like to sing and dance and do games with them," Leonard said .

"The whole school made valentines," said Fleming. "They were really happy and really surprised someone that someone made them a card."

For Leonard and Fleming, this is just the beginning of a life committed to helping others.

"I like spending time with children with disabilities or something and the elderly," Fleming said .

"I just like working with people who can’t really communicate with other people," Leonard said .

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