Fifteen-year-old Harley Cipollini is making a scary trip a little more comfortable for young kids.

Cipollini, a freshman at the Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River, came up with an idea to help comfort kids after a health emergency last year.

“I kept going in and out of consciousness,” she said, as she recalled an ambulance ride that left her scared and shaken.

She thought about how much more frightening it would be for a younger child.

“Because if I, a 15-year-old girl, was scared, imagine how a 2,3,5-yearold would feel,” she said.

Cipollini came up with “Harley’s Comfy Kits,” which are boxes filled with things to comfort sick or injured kids riding in a police cruiser or ambulance.

“I was saving for a car, and with that $850 I decided to go to Walmart and buy objects that I thought would help children,” she said.

Those things include blankets, stuffed animal, coloring books, crayon and baby bottles.

Cipollini took her idea to the mayor of Fall River and the police department and she received a citation for her efforts.

She has equipped over 70 police cruisers with her Comfy Kits and she says she’s just getting started.

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