Class Act: Haverhill senior offers spiritual support to classmates

HAVERHILL, MASS. (WHDH) - In this week’s “Class Act,” a Haverhill High School senior is being recognized for the unique approach he takes to helping his classmates.

Anthony Jacobs said he was lacking motivation and feeling upset at the start of the school year when he participated in a national prayer event outside the school. “See You at the Flagpole” happens one day a year but Jacobs said it inspired him to take it one step further.

“Why do it one day, when I can constantly do it every single day, praying for the school not just one day but for the rest of it, said Jacobs.

The day after the event, Jacobs prayed alone at the flagpole outside the school. Jacobs prayed by himself at first until a few days later when he was joined by his friend Ivan Delorosa and other students.

“I just feel like it’s the right thing to do,” said Delorosa. “Because there’s people out there who are lost and don’t know what to really feel for themselves.”

The small group of students have prayed outside the school together for more than 140 days. Jacobs said the group welcomes students of all faiths who wish to join them.

“It just helps me get through my day,” said Cassandra Gaph.

The group also offers prayers of support to those struggling with suicidal thoughts or drug abuse.

“I pray for those sitting alone at the lunch table, sitting by themselves,” said Jacobs. “Pray that we can step up and step out, make them feel that they’re cared for.”

Jacobs said the prayer circle has given him peace of mind and he feels happier.

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