HAVERHILL, MASS. (WHDH) - Students at the Consentino Middle School in Harverhill are coming together to create a club that bridges cultural divide.

Students Veronica Lewis, Morgan Johnson and Ariel Kim founded the group “VAlor Para Todos,” which is Spanish for “Value for all.”

The girls created the club over a year ago to allow Spanish and English-speaking students to learn language from one another.

“We’ve made so many new friends,” Johnson said. “I’ve advanced so much in my Spanish and my conversational skills have advanced so far.”

Kim says the club does not feel like volunteer-work: “We are both getting something in return,” Kim says.

The group of students meets two to three times a month to play games and practice speaking their non-native languages.

“It would be awkward sometimes,” Lewis said of the group’s initial meetings. “We didn’t really know people and they were a little nervous.”

The girls said the lessons extend beyond language to include culture and holiday traditions.


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