Class Act: InvenTeam at Landmark School

BEVERLY, MASS. (WHDH) - The InvenTeam at Landmark School has an ingenius idea to fix a harmful environmental problem, the loss of eelgrass from the bottom of the sea.

“Eelgrass is important because it works with carbon sequestration, it work with getting all the nutrients to the ocean,” said student Shaurya Agarwal.

Without eelgrass, oceans would be a lot more polluted.

The InvenTeam has devised a unique solution to plant eelgrass off the coast of Cape Ann, by using bio-degradable discs with healthy eelgrass attached.

“When we put the discs in, they actually glide into the water, and they basically bury themselves because of the current and all that,” said student Ernie Carabillo.

They’ve used remote controlled subs to search out the best planting sites, and they’ll be able to do it at a very low cost.

The project won them a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant.

“The whole process is pretty important for learning how to organize information, learning how to build confidence,” said science teacher Carl Gasowski.

All the students at Landmark struggle with language-based learning disabilities, but that hasn’t stopped them from changing the world for the better.

Last week the InvenTeam did its first planting, and they’ll be checking up on the eelgrass to see how it will grow.

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