Jonathan Guzman, a native of Puerto Rico, has been in the country for just four years. And during those four years, the 18-year-old senior from Lawrence High School has done more than most.

He started the school’s Humanitarian Club, a volunteer organization that now has 78 student members.

“The club helps out anyone who needs help, animals, people, homeless, teenagers who are homeless… They volunteer at the soup kitchen. They do a lot for a club that is only student run,” Jonathon’s friend Kenzy Santos said.

Jonathan said when it comes to volunteering he rarely takes no for an answer.

“You need to know the right people to go to. I’m always on them telling them, I need this, I need you to do this…Now they just go, yes Jonathon,” he said.

His persistence has paid off.

“We have our own website, it’s called, and people can go and sign up if they want to volunteer for us. It’s a great experience

Jonathan’s friends said he is a great role model.

“He made the connections, he reached out to people, and he wasn’t afraid,” Kenzy said.

Jonathan has big plans for his future. He wants to become a veterinarian and is currently looking at colleges.


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