Class Act:

Brielle Stovall

Nominated by:

Carol Stovall

Nomination Story:

I suppose it is not conventional to receive a nomination from a parent, I will try not to sound too biased 😉 

My daughter, Brielle, is pretty amazing (how am I doing?) She is a talented, smart, responsible member of the South High Community School class of 2015. As a member of the marching/concert band since freshman year, she plays four instruments (five if you include piano!) She came into the band on the flute, which she started playing in 7th grade, then as the band needed saxophonists, she happily transitioned to that. Soon after, the director really wanted to add a bassoon to their band and asked Brielle if she would be willing to learn that instrument – she obliged without hesitation. In one of their summer concerts, a particular song called for a piccolo. Brielle came through yet again. I have heard from her band director that she is always most helpful in class, working with other students and taking charge if the teacher is otherwise engaged. She goes down to the middle school weekly to provide lessons on both the flute and the bassoon for students that will be coming up into the high school band. She was voted by her peers to be Drum Major and now leads the band in local parades. She is President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. 

Beyond her high achieving involvement in the school band, Brielle’s true passion is singing. This year, she was selected (by competitive technical audition) to participate in her third Massachusetts Music Educators Association Central District concert, to be held in January at the historic Mechanics Hall. She has also performed in two MMEA All-State concerts at Symphony Hall. Next April, she will represent the Worcester Public Schools at the NAfME All-Eastern Conference and Concert at the Rhode Island Civic Center in Providence. 

She has become the go-to girl for singing the National Anthem at various school functions and has performed for the Superintendent’s Summer Leadership Conference. Brielle is also Vice President of the South High chapter of the National Honor Society and will graduate #11 in her class of roughly 350. She carries an un-weighted GPA of 3.61 in a rigorous high honors program where she takes mostly AP courses. Teachers and Administrators alike have told me time and time again how much they will miss having her at South High. 

While she is currently waiting to hear from the seven colleges that she has applied to, Brielle’s plan is to ultimately earn her Master’s Degree in Music Education, possibly even a PhD in conducting. She will make it her mission to ensure that music and the arts continues to be celebrated in the school curriculum. Brielle is a true musician….. 

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