A seventh grader at Austin Prep School is using her artistic talent to improve the lives of others.

Sana Nadkarni, 13, from Austin Prep School in Reading, reveals her extraordinary talent on canvas.

Sana is already an acclaimed artist, holding her first solo art exhibit in Boston at just 8 years old.

Since then, Sana won countless awards and her artwork has been shown in hospitals, universities and even the Massachusetts State House.

“I can never re-create something, it has to be original, and that’s why I think people like my painting; it’s authentic,” she said.

Sana paints mostly in the summer and focuses on academics during the school year.

Sana said she believes everyone has talents.

“What I believe is everyone is born with the same amount of smartness, beauty, everything; it’s how you hone those skills,” she said.

Sana’s said she is enjoys using as much color as possible and making it vibrant and bright.

“All I care about is making people happy through art, if I achieve that I’m fine,” she said.

Sana’s artwork was just recently accepted for an exhibit at Mass. General Hospital next summer.


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