At Somerville High School, the Class of 2017 is attempting to break two world records at once.

They need 251 students to wear both eye black and mis-matched socks. But getting to 251 could be tough.

Bringing together Somerville’s diverse student body has always been the goal of these four senior leaders — Spencer Pikin, Anika Kawsar, Ella Sprick, and Bianka DePaula.

“Pick a country and there is definitely something here from that country,” DePaula said.

“My family moved here from Bangladesh in 2006,” Kawsar said, “and we moved straight to Somerville.”

“Born and raised 18 years, Somerville,” Pitkin said. “I have not left.

The senior leaders embrace the melting pot of Somerville High School with activities like world record attempts. Last June, they gathered more than 240 students to break the “most different flags flown simultaneously.”

“Everyone held up a different flag for a different country or state,” Kawsar said, “and it’s just to show our diversity within the school.”

They had the numbers, but didn’t break a record, because Guinness said the flags had to be fabric — not paper.

But in 2015 they were successful in breaking the “most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously,” which held up for almost a year.

The class leaders also created gender-neutral prom kings and queens — changing it to “prom royalty,” which two girls won at the sophomore/junior semiformal.

“They had their final dance, so they danced in front of the whole senior/junior/sophomore class and everyone was really excited,” Sprick said.

They had a mannequin challenge, posted 3,000 sticky notes with positive message on lockers, and sent personal kindness cards to each school in Somerville at holiday time.

“The best way to end the year is telling everyone that they’re loved for who they are and what they believe in,” DePaul said.

For all those good-hearted community-building things, these four leaders at Somerville High are our Class Acts.

“I think there’s a lot more we can accomplish, and we shouldn’t stop there,” Pitkin said.

As for their latest world record attempt — the eye black and mismatched socks — they did it!

“We were nervous at first,” Sprick said,” but our school pulled through, which is great.”

They had more than 260 students smash the previous record of 250.

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