Eighth grader Zachary Abril is part of the autism spectrum disorder transitioning class at Taunton High School.

“We were learning about volunteering and help community so the class took a vote and the majority love animals, and wanted to help the animal shelter,” said special education teacher Katelyn Reardon.

Zach got right to work.

“We realized that there are a lot of animals that didn’t have blankets and beds,” Zach said.

He helped set up a drive to get supplies for the Taunton Animal Shelter.

“We had daily announcements, we had collection boxes, and we also had a box at the Taunton Police Office,” Zach said.

Within a week, the boxes were overflowing with donations. The students then made a very special delivery.

“We brought a lot of food, and baby food for the dogs to take their medicine if they are older, and cat food for the cats, and blankets and beds,” Zach said.

Zach said he’s really happy with what he and his classmates accomplished.

“Everybody definitely did a good job helping,” Zach said.

And his teacher couldn’t have been more proud.

“Zach is definitely a leader, he wants to help everyone, definitely a good student. I wish I had classroom full of Zachs,” Reardon said.

Zach has a message to others that may want to get involved.

“Don’t be afraid to help, because help doesn’t hurt,” he said.

“Help doesn’t hurt” is Zach’s life motto.

Zach also adopted his dog Cassie from the animal shelter. He also said he wants to volunteer for the animal shelter in the future.

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