Cleanup continues after wild weather sweeps across state

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - Cleanup crews got to work right away, wasting no time after a fierce and fast storm hit Monday.

A microburst and macroburst knocked out power and took down trees across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

“Because it was so strong the winds and the noises, I never even heard anything until after the aftermath,” Bill Daley of Quincy said.

Corinne White’s kids were in their yard and she was in her SUV when the wind came on strong.

“The fence was the first one it hit,” White said. “Then the pool, then the car.”

And north of Boston, it was just as bad.

In Amesbury, one woman’s lawn was covered in furniture and shattered glass. Her hot tub was tossed approximately 25 feet.

“My hot tub was there with 220 gallons of water in it,” Nancy Taylor of Amesbury said. “And it’s now over there.”

Driving in the storm was impossible, and one woman said the hail was so bad she had to pull over.

In Haverhill, people said it sounded like a freight train when a microburst blew in.

Across communities in two states, the hard work of removing trees and checking roofs and cars brings with it relief that things aren’t any worse.

“It was pretty intense,” Daley said. “For about 45 seconds, I was very nervous. I said that I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

There is still much cleanup work to be done, but many towns have made a lot of progress.

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