Clinton and Sanders prepare for California primary, Trump looks to November

All three of the presidential candidates were in California Friday, but they have very different end games.

As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battle for the democratic nomination, Donald Trump is looking ahead to November.

California is the last big prize left as this primary season heads into its final week, and Donald Trump’s shadow looms large over the democratic race.

“Hillary is a disaster, folks,” Donald Trump said. “She has bad judgment, that was said by Bernie Sanders. He’s given me a lot of my best lines.”

Now that Trump has clinched the GOP nomination, he’s doing his best to make life difficult for Clinton.

With the democratic race suddenly tightening in California, Sanders is hoping a one-on-one debate with Trump will help push him over the top.

But Trump wants big bucks, $10 to $15 million for charity, and he’s lowering expectations the event might happen.

“The networks want keep the money to themselves, that’s one thing,” Trump said. “So that’s a problem. The second thing is, we got the nomination yesterday, right? So we have the nomination. So we’re number one.”

Clinton hopes she can say the same next month.

“I want to be a champion for Oakland and all the Oaklands of America,” Clinton said.

This week’s critical report on her private emails proved to be an untimely distraction, and she’s hoping the next week will get her back on track, and that the road to the nomination leads through California.

Trump is singling out California, a democratic stronghold, as part of a fifteen-state master plan to winning the White House.