Clinton says Trump ‘threatening our democracy’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton is telling supporters in Cleveland that Donald Trump is “threatening our democracy” by saying he may not concede if he loses the presidential election.

Clinton says losing an election doesn’t feel great, but America knows the “difference between leadership and dictatorship.”

Clinton adds that the “peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart.”

Trump has said he is reserving the right to contest the results of the election if the outcome is unclear or questionable.

Clinton also says she is glad the three general election debates are over, noting that the Wednesday night faceoff was the “third and last time I will ever have to debate Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump is vowing to bring jobs back to the steel town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, as he campaigns across the state Friday.

The Republican presidential nominee is assuring a crowd of thousands that he will revive manufacturing, steel mills and coal mining if he’s elected.

Trump is blaming “stupid people” for allowing jobs to move overseas and says cities like Johnstown have seen poverty rise as other countries “got the factories and the jobs and the wealth.”

He says, “your government betrayed you and I’m going to make it right.”

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