Clinton supporters in New York express fear, disappointment

NEW YORK (WHDH) - Thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center felt shocked on election night after their candidate lost in a shocking upset to Republican Donald Trump.

One Clinton supporter, Rosanna Monk, brought her two young daughters to the rally for what she thought would be a historic night for women.

“They were going to see the first woman president in the history of the United States…I’m just devastated,” Monk said.

After a hard-fought battle against Donald Trump, top Clinton campaign staffers said they felt very confident their candidate would prevail.

But after a final campaign push in weeks leading up to the election, Donald Trump won in large margins, scoring 276 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218.

Some Clinton-supporters say they are fearful of an America run under a President Trump, who openly insulted Muslims, Latinos and others during his campaign.

Meera Karm said she is afraid for herself and the future of her fellow Muslims. “All the statements he has said about Muslims…acting as if it is a dangerous species of people.”

Around 2 a.m., Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta, told everyone to go home and tried to offer some hope.

But by then it was too late: Trump had won enough electoral college votes to become President Elect, and the disappointment for Hillary Clinton rally-goers set in.

“I’m afraid for my safety and the safety of those I love,” Clinton supporter Priscilla Alabi said.