Closer to May 1st?

What a finish to the weekend huh!?  Temps in the mid to upper 50s and some sunshine on Sunday.  If this is "winter", we’ll tell Ms. G and her furry friend Punxsutawney Phil that we’ll take 6 more weeks of it when they crawl out of their hole tomorrow.

In terms of today, it’s another mild start today as temperatures begin this Monday morning in the mid 40s.  That’s the average low for May 1st!  The average high for May 1st is in the lower 60s, and while we may be just shy of that, mid to upper 50s in nice enough on this February 1st.  Partial sunshine yields to mostly cloudy skies at times this afternoon, and there will be a bit of a breeze.  The wind changes direction from southwest to northwest this afternoon as a cool front moves on through.  The front is starved of moisture, so I don’t expect much shower action with it aside from a late-day/early evening sprinkle or shower down through southeast Mass.  Much of the time is dry. 

Tomorrow, we’re back with sunshine, but also cooler air.  Mid 40s for highs.  Will Ms. G and Phil see their shadow?

While the whole groundhog thing is a great tradition and a lot of fun, shadow or no shadow, we can say above seasonable temps continue through Thursday before fading back to seasonable levels  at the end of the week. 

Wednesday brings in a gusty wind and a soaking rain with temps back into the 50s.  Wind gusts 30-40mph are likely, even higher down over the Cape and Islands/Buzzards Bay.  Rain totals run about an inch with this shot of downpours and perhaps even a crack of thunder with this storm. 

The rest of the week looks cooler and quiet.  Although, Friday, there will be a storm just offshore.  Right now, we’ll keep it offshore. 

Enjoy the mild air today. 

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