So-so day with a fair amount of clouds and some limited sun – at least for most of Greater Boston, the Cape/Islands were stellar today. I’m expecting more of a level playing field tomorrow, however, as the current weather system finishes plowing through.

Clouds were splattered across the area today, but will be more widespread tomorrow. Showers, although still few, should favor Northern Mass. and Southern New Hampshire. We’re not talking an all-day rain here, but certainly enough to make a few puddles. 

The main issue isn’t really the shower activity tomorrow, it’s the wind direction. Stiff breezes from the northeast will drop the dewpoint temperatures from the 60s down to the upper 50s, making the air feel a little raw. These winds are also growing the cloud ranks too. It’s because of this that I’m SLOWLY brightening Saturday’s forecast. I think it may take time to chew away the morning clouds and drizzle. However, if the dry air rushes back from Maine and the Maritime Provinces, we could see it by mid/late morning. In this setup it’s best to underpromise and overdeliver.

Not a beach day tomorrow – or even Saturday for that matter – but we could get back to summer next week. A shift in the jet stream will steer the warmth and humidity back to New England by the middle of next week. 80s are on the docket along with a good supply of sun.

See, summer’s not ‘ova’ yet.


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