Coast Guard rescues 3 people from water off Plum Island, 1 hospitalized

NEWBURYPORT, MASS. (WHDH) - A day on the water was just minutes away from turning tragic for three people off the coast of Plum Island Wednesday afternoon.

Emergency crews responded to reports of three people in the water in need of assistance around 3:15 p.m. and could later be seen carrying a person off a boat on a stretcher.

SKY7 HD was overhead as that person was loaded onto an ambulance and transported to Anna Jaques Hospital. Their condition has not been made available.

Two other people were also on board the boat and needed help onto the deck. They are said to be OK after the ordeal.

“They were definitely in shock and suffering from hypothermia,” USCG Petty Officer 1st class Jacob Hamburg said. “Right now the water is about 70, 75 degrees which may not seem like that cold but it’s still cold enough to reduce your body temperature and you can suffer from hypothermia very quickly.”

Hamburg said a man and woman were in the water and got swept out about 300 yards. Another man swam out to try and help but quickly found himself in trouble as well.

“As it turned out the good Samaritan attempting to help them, turns out he’s a paramedic so we brought him aboard our vessel and he was able to assist the individual with medical care,” Hamburg said.

The Newburyport Harbormaster assisted in the rescue as well.

“The mouth of the Merrimack very dangerous, it’s very notorious for how wild and rough it can get and even in seemingly calm conditions,” Hamburg said. “It can change the situation you’re in…people really need to be careful and cautious when they’re out there…one wrong step and now you’re at the mercy of the ocean.”

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