OK, maybe I’ll give the storms a 1/2. After steering away at least 4 separate storms in the late winter/early spring, you have to hand it to the cold – even through those frozen eyelashes, runny noses and muffled curses.

That said, this storm is not everything to everyone. While many of us come away with gray skies a few flakes and a little wind, the coast will see some accumulation (Boston south) and gusty winds. The Cape & Islands will get it on the chin with this one. Not a knockout punch, but it will smart.

What we’re seeing with this storm is explosive development as it heads off Cape Hatteras, NC. No model, foreign or domestic, flashy or plain, can capture this feature well. They are simulations of the atmosphere, and therefore can only estimate the intensity – albeit very well in some cases. We’re throwing some experience, some knowledge of the model biases, and some good old fashioned meteorology at this snowfall forecast.

There have been few certainties with this storm, but what we know is the wind will HOWL on the Cape/Islands and even the South Shore at times late tomorrow night and early Wednesday.

Details, details, details.

  • For those that see the accumulation, snow will fly after midnight, most of it light.
  • Snow picks up in SE Mass. toward Wed. morning.
  • Heavy snow with possible white-outs on the Outer Cape/Islands for a short period Wed. AM
  • Winds peak at 50-65 mph on the Outer Cape/Islands through Wed. AM
  • Minor/Moderate coastal flooding at high tide Outer Cape/northeast side of Nantucket 8-9am Wednesday.

Winds will ramp down rather quickly Wednesday afternoon as the storm rockets east. (Look out Nova Scotia!!) Cold pours in, but here’s the big deal:

A major shift in the pattern is pending across North America. This means warmer weather for New England…and the possibility of shorts and t-shirts in the 7day.

More updates later.


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