Cold and Snow to Stay

Bitter, BITTER start to the day as temps plummeted below 0 last night. In fact, the -3 in Boston is the coldest temp in the city since January of 2004.  Add in a wind that continues to huff and puff past 30mph, and wind chill factors run -25 to -35 to start the day. 

The cold stays, however, it’ll ease a bit this afternoon with highs in the mid to upper teens.  Winds are gusty through the morning and slow down a bit this afternoon, although, it’ll still be a windy afternoon overall.  Winds go light tonight.

Just as we get done cleaning up around the house on this one, more snow moves in tomorrow.  It’ll start around breakfast time and end by dinner, but light to moderate snow will throw down more of what we don’t need.  Up to a few inches of fluff in possible around Boston/MetroWest with 3-5″ likely across Southeast Mass.  It’s once again a fluff factor event, so not much moisture can produce those several inches of snow.

What’ll be interesting to watch is where more snow falls Tuesday night and Wednesday.  A trough of low pressure will extend back toward the New England coast, and allow for more snow to fall in a narrow band.  Right now, I’d favor the Maine coast on this one, but something to watch.

Anyhow, the cold stays and temperatures run 10 to 20 degrees below average this week, continuing what’s on pace to be the 2nd coldest February on record.  The coldest was in 1934… currently we’re about 2 degrees warmer than that February.