Dang, just like that it’s cold! Current wind chills are in the single numbers and actual temps are in the teens. In fact, it’s so cold we even have some ocean effect snow flurries happening through the day. This Ocean-Effect snow is similar to Buffalo Lake Effect where the bitter cold air flows over the relatively warmer ocean water to produce the clouds/flurries (it won’t be the same result as Buffalo a few weeks ago!)

So all this talk of bitter air & cold wind chills the day before a storm surely means a snowstorm, right? Nope (and don’t call me surely). There is nothing to lock the cold air in place with this storm so that arctic air fades away about the time of the storms arrival. I do think there will be some wintry precipitation at the beginning of the storm along & west of I-495 tomorrow but this is essentially a wind-driven nor’easter heading at us.

In terms of that storm here are some deets:

* Storm is very slow moving so plan on unsettled weather Tuesday-Friday. The height of the storm will be from 10am TUE-10pm TUE.
* As mentioned it will be mainly rain but in the Worcester Hills/southern NH a coating-2″ of snow/sleet are likely before changing to rain by 12pm Tuesday. For the rest of us plan on 2-3″ of rain. This will lead to some street flooding tomorrow afternoon & evening.

* Wind will be an issue along the coastline from about 3pm Tuesday until 10pm Tuesday. Wind gusts between 45-60mph are possible on Cape Ann as well as Cape Cod and this may lead minor power disruption for a time tomorrow evening.

* For Wednesday & Thursday, the storm is still in New England but much weaker so plan on clouds, showers & drizzle. Temps are cool & raw for much of the week.

Lovely week of weather here in New England. ;o/



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