“Such a cold May we are having”—a common misconception but understandable after yesterday’s abysmal attempt by Ma Nature at spring. Our weather producer (Mike) went back and looked up our May temps. Here is what he found:

* Temps are running 1.3 degrees above normal
* 15 of the 28 days have been warmer than normal
* Only 4 of the past 11 days have been warmer than normal though

So, I guess I can’t complain about May being cold…or ranting about a cold pattern—-well–the past 10 days have been so perhaps that’s what my Jedi instincts are honing in on.

In any event, we have a stellar spring day with sunshine and seasonal temps (albeit a bit cool) with daytime temps in the 60s. Ideal for outdoor activities today (except maybe the beaches). As we step toward tomorrow, our next weather system takes aim on us. It will be a cool front with clouds but only some isolated showers late in the day (and more likely well west of Boston). Those clouds/showers are scattered in nature tomorrow night and into Saturday morning but then skies will clear out by Saturday afternoon. Still a bit cool on Saturday with temps in the 60s but a nice bounce into the 70s by Sunday afternoon.


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