Cold & Snow Depart New England

Yet another storm passing to the south of New England this winter. The storms this winter have either passed to our west leading to rain or well south of New England, sparing us a repeat of lats winter. I’m fine with that and looking ahead, perhaps this is the last risk of a major winter storm this season. I’m sure there will be a little more cold & perhaps nuisance type snow like we saw today but in terms of any kind of major storm threat, I think this is it.

Even tho the storm is a doozie, it’s too far away to produce anything other than snow showers. That’s what we’ll see this evening but the snow showers fade away by midnight. If you’re heading out to celebrate the week, roads should be OK for the most part–the only exception will be when the snow showers pass through…briefly leading to slick roads. Wind is also an issue despite the storm being well south of New England. Wind gusts between 20-40mph are likely along the coast/Cape/Islands overnight. A few gusts near 50mph are possible on the Cape/Islands. Blustery & cold night ahead.

The weekend sees quiet weather with partly sunny skies each day. Tomorrow, it’s afternoon clouds and Sunday it will be morning clouds. the Sunday morning clouds may actually throw a few flurries your way but no big deal. Temps both days are seasonable, reaching the low 40s.

Looking into next week, a real touch of spring is on the way with temps bouncing into the low 50s on Monday and..wait for it…..60s on Tuesday with even some low 70s likely next Wednesday. Now…being spring and living near a cold ocean, a friendly reminder of sea breeze season….so coastal areas on Tuesday probably get tagged by a chilly sea breeze which will keep the temps in the low 50s in Boston. On Wednesday, there should be enough of a west wind to get Boston’s temp up near 70 but out on the Cape, that same wind will keep you temps pinned in the upper 40s/low 50s. Good meteorological problems to have in March tho. ;o)

Have a great weekend!