Cold Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is going to be cold Tuesday. We are starting the day with many cities & towns near zero–even below. Quite remarkable considering this is the first week in March (meteorological sidebar: if this were early January when we had 2 less hours of daylight, the temps would have been even colder)! The positive is the morning sunshine as well as the light wind expected today. Temps this afternoon under an increasingly cloudy sky will finish near 25.

Wednesday—Huuuump Daaayy–offers mostly cloudy skies and even a few flurries as yet another arctic front drops into New England during the day. The temps won’t end up any colder but they won’t be allowed to recover into the 30s/40s like they should this time of year. We’re back into the sunshine on Thursday but it’s another very cold day for this time of year with morning temps starting near zero and afternoon highs near 30.

Finally by Friday we start to warm up with a mix of sun & clouds. Most towns will reach 40 by afternoon–close to our normal high of 42. In fact, I think we can keep the “seasonal temps” going into the upcoming weekend AND no threat of storminess.