Today was the kind of day I like to call, "Cat on a Windowsill Day."  Iit’s really nice to be inside, enjoying the view outside.  But once you get outside, you want back in!  That wind is biting, and that cold is bitter.  Not to mention this really is a change for us, coming off of a very mild winter so far!  The snow that we picked up yesterday (2-4" for most, and up to 6" for some) will not be going anywhere unless you move it yourself (or the wind blows it around).  There will be NO melting going on this week, as temps stay below freezing.  

Throw out those air temperatures, because it’s really all about the "real feel," or wind chill.  The wind is kicking, and kicking hard!  Sustained winds today were/are around 20-25mph and gusts up to 40mph.  Tomorrow, the winds get stronger!  A Wind Advisory has been issued for all of the Bay State through all of Tuesday for WNW winds 20-30mph and gusts up to 50mph possible.  While we start the day (bus stop forecast) in the single digits and teens, the "real feel" will be 0 to -10° for most.  That’s what we need to dress for.  So, for the billionth time today: "Bundle up" and walk backwards… 

"May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face."  – Irish Blessing

It kinda seems like no one really cares about the snow we got last night (into this morning), the cold temps, the bitter wind…  The only questions I’m getting have to do with next weekend.  Are you one of those?  I get it.  I’m a planner – BIG TIME.  It’s nice to have at least 3-5 days to really get an itinerary in place for life.  I’m totally with you.  It’s frustrating.  Trust me, if I could tell you with a great deal of certainty exactly what’s in store for this weekend, my life would be much easier!  But, that’s just not the way this works.  We’re still several days away from the weekend, and there’s still much to determine.  

"But why don’t you KNOW?!"  Well, let’s put it this way.  If I were driving from Boston to Quincy, I could tell you "I’ll be there in about 20-25 minutes."  Along my drive, there would only be a 12 mile stretch where I could potentially run into road-blocks.  It’s a pretty good bet that I can get to Quincy within 25 minutes, because t’s closer.  But, if I were driving to Worcester, there would be 46 miles ahead of me for problems to arise.  I could tell you, "See you in an hour," but truthfully, it could take 2… or more… or I might just decide to skip the trip.  :c)  All I’m saying is, the farther away something is, the more time there is for something to go wrong.  Be sure of this:  We will let you know as soon as we know.  I do think it’s probably that there will be storm that forms.  Track, timing, intensity is all still up in the air.  So, for the thousandth time today:  "Stay tuned!"  – Breezy

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