Cold & Windy Tuesday

7 Weather- Winds pick up tonight and it remains windy on Tuesday.

Winds will be sustained between 15-25 mph and will gusts at 35-45 mph tonight through Tuesday. Winds along the coast could occasionally gust up to 50 mph.

Make sure you secure Christmas decorations this evening!

Temperatures drop into the low and mid 20s on Tuesday morning but it will feel like the single digits and teens.

It remains cold the rest of the day. Highs will reach into the mid and upper 20s but it will feel colder with the gusty winds.

Traveling this week? Tuesday through Thursday are all clear to travel but Friday is not looking so good. A system will move in bringing in soaking rain and windy conditions.

The precipitation that moves in is expected to be all rain. If you plan to drive out on Friday it will likely be a slow ride.

Saturday and Sunday are looking good to travel. Saturday will have falling temperatures throughout the day with afternoon temperatures in the mid and upper 40s.

Sunday will be chilly in the upper 30s and skies are mostly sunny. Hopefully you don’t have to travel on Christmas Eve, but if you do, there is a slight chance for snow. Stay tuned.