DEDHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - Colin Albert took the stand in the Karen Read murder trial Wednesday, capping off a busy day that included testimony from six other witnesses. 

Albert remained on the stand when court proceedings ended for the day and is expected to return for more questioning on Thursday. 

Prosecutors claim Read, who was dating Boston police officer John O’Keefe, killed her boyfriend by running him over with her SUV as she dropped him off at a party in Canton after a night of drinking.

Read has pleaded not guilty and her defense has said she is being framed, saying O’Keefe actually died after a fight inside the house on Fairview Road where the party took place. 

Witness says she saw ‘blob’ before John O’Keefe was found in snow

More than two weeks into the trial, a witness on Tuesday told jurors she may have seen O’Keefe’s body before he was found later on the morning of Jan. 29, 2022. 

When she took the stand near the end of proceedings for the day, Juliana Nagel said she had been drinking beer at the home of Brian and Nicole Albert on Fairview Road on the night of Jan. 28 to celebrate her friend, Brian Albert Jr.’s, birthday. 

Among other testimony, Nagel said she saw a “black blob” on the ground as she was being driven home near 1:45 a.m.

Defense attorney David Yannetti cross examined Nagel Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday morning, Assistant District Attorney Adam Lally on redirect asked Nagel what she would have done if she realized the “blob” was a body. 

“I would have called 911,” Nagel said. 

Nagel stepped down near 9:30 a.m. after a new round of questions from Yannetti.

Forensic scientist says lab found no dog DNA on samples in Read case

After a flurry of testimony from Canton partygoers in recent days, Judge Beverly Cannone told jurors “Sometimes, we have to call witnesses out of order.”

Teri Kun, a forensic scientist at the University of California, Davis took the stand next.

Kun’s lab is described as a veterinary genetics facility. On the stand, Kun said the lab received two swabs taken from John O’Keefe’s shirt after he died. Kun said the lab was asked to look for dog DNA. But experts found no such DNA, according to Kun.

Read’s defense has said a dog Brian and Nicole Albert owned may have been involved in O’Keefe’s death.

Where Kun said experts found no canine DNA, defense attorney Alan Jackson pushed back during cross examination, suggesting the test results were only as good as the sample she received from police.

“At least in that sample, the nuclear DNA sample, you’re not saying that there was no canine DNA there,” Jackson said. “You’re saying that the testing did not detect it.”

“In the QPCR nuclear test, correct,” Kun said.

Witnesses describe seeing SUV outside Canton home

Ryan Nagel, Juliana’s brother, testified after Kun.

He said he was with a friend and his now-ex girlfriend the night O’Keefe died. Together, the trio stopped at the home where Juliana and others were celebrating to see if Juliana wanted a ride home.

When his friend stopped his truck in front of the driveway in Canton, Ryan said, he saw a black SUV roughly one car-length ahead of him. He said he did not see anyone get out of the SUV but saw it move forward, at one point. The SUV’s brake lights were on, according to Ryan.

As they pulled away, Ryan said, he saw a woman in the SUV’s driver seat looking straight ahead with the car’s interior dome light on. He said he did not see anyone else.

Ryan’s testimony about the SUV followed testimony from his sister and others on Tuesday, who described seeing an SUV outside at various times the night O’Keefe died. Unlike Ryan, Juliana Nagel said she saw the SUV earlier in the night but indicated it was gone before her brother arrived.

Read drove a black SUV in 2022 and jurors saw her vehicle during a visit to the crime scene in Canton earlier in the trial.

Under cross examination, discussing the vehicle he saw, Ryan said he did not see the SUV back up and hit a man. He said he did not see a man’s body on the lawn either but added, “I wasn’t looking.”

Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Heather Maxon, testified next on Wednesday. She said she was in the truck with Ryan and his friend and said she also remembers seeing a dark colored SUV outside the Canton home.

Maxon said she did not see anyone get out of the SUV but could tell it was running. Later, she said she saw the SUV pull away.

Maxon said she saw a woman in the driver’s seat. She said she was looking inside the vehicle, “but not very intently.” Like Ryan, she said she only saw the woman in the car.

Ryan’s friend, Ricky D’Antuono, testified after Ryan and Maxon. 

Unlike Ryan and Maxon, he said he did not remember seeing an SUV at a nearby intersection. While he eventually spotted the SUV in front of the home, he also said he did not remember seeing the SUV moving. D’Antuono said he did not see any damage on the vehicle. Like others, he said he didn’t see anyone get out.

On cross examination, D’Antuono said state police investigators never interviewed him in 2022. Instead, he said the first time he gave testimony was roughly one year ago for another proceeding, which is believed to be an ongoing federal probe of the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office’s investigation into the Read case.

Allie McCabe testifies

Allie McCabe began her testimony shortly before trial proceedings paused for the court’s lunch break Wednesday.

McCabe is a close friend of Colin Albert, a nephew of Brian and Nicole Albert. Colin was at the party at Brian and Nicole’s house on Fairview Road the night O’Keefe died, according to testimony from his mother and others.

On the stand, McCabe said Colin texted her asking her for a ride.

McCabe said Colin, then 17, had been drinking. After getting the text from Colin, she said she headed to the house near midnight.

McCabe said she picked Colin up and dropped him off back at his family’s house.

After a long lunch break, McCabe was back on the stand. Like Brian Albert, she said she upgraded her phone after O’Keefe died. Unlike Brian, though, McCabe said data was saved, including text messages and photos.

Lally sought to admit some of the saved data, prompting an objection from the defense and a sidebar discussion. Cannone ultimately allowed the data to be admitted as evidence.

Lally went through text messages between McCabe and Colin. Among texts, jurors saw communications about McCabe picking Colin up from the party at the house on Fairview Road.

On cross examination, Yannetti sought to impeach McCabe, who said she went straight home after dropping Colin off.  As he continued questioning, Yannetti shared data from Life 360, a tracking app, showing McCabe went home but left again for Canton High School. Yannetti’s data showed she returned to her home “bubble” at 1:28 am.

While Colin Albert waited in the hallway to testify, McCabe said she did not recall going back out and getting home at 1:30 a.m. 

Colin Albert begins testimony

Jurors heard testimony about Colin’s movements on Thursday of last week, when his parents testified. 

Once on the stand, Colin said he was drinking Bud Lights the night of Jan 28. He said he started the night at his friend Mike’s house. After spending a few hours with his friend, he said, he went to Brian and Nicole’s house on Fairview Road. 

Now a sophomore at Bridgewater State University, Colin said he believes McCabe gave him a ride from Mike’s house to the Fairview Road house. He said he thinks he arrived around 10:30 p.m. and said he had a midnight curfew to return to his house.

Colin said he drank more Bud Lights but said he wasn’t intoxicated or falling-down drunk. He said no one at the party was. Among other testimony, he said he never went to the basement or upstairs. 

Colin said he was at the house “probably like an hour and a half” before leaving near 12:10 a.m.  

Colin said there was no animosity between him and O’Keefe and said he never saw O’Keefe at the house.

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