(CNN) — The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating how two jetliners were put on an apparent collision course as they were leaving Reagan National Airport Thursday morning, prompting air traffic controllers to frantically radio each plane to stop.

Air traffic control audio recordings detail controllers shouting for a JetBlue flight to stop its takeoff run as a Southwest Airlines flight began taxiing across the runway in front of it.

The two planes stopped about 400 feet apart, according to data compiled by FlightRadar24, which also shows at least the “forward fuselage” of the Southwest flight had entered the runway.

A controller responsible for the runways at Reagan National had cleared the JetBlue Airways flight to take off at about 7:40 a.m., the recordings from LiveATC.net showed. At around the same time, a controller responsible for taxiing aircraft directed a Southwest Airlines jet across the same runway.

About 30 seconds after clearing the JetBlue plane, the controllers shouted for both planes to stop.

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