A Colorado Springs pizza shop got an unexpected visitor on Monday when a bear cub wandered into the kitchen and prep room.

Zach Thaxton spoke with shocked employees and customers who will have a memory to last them a lifetime.

The staff usually leaves a door propped open during business hours, a practice the staff at Louie’s Pizza might want to reconsider.

Employee Kayla Fortner said the bear cub started on the ground and then crawled up on the shelves. The cub had been spotted earlier downtown but once it got inside Louie’s the hunt was on for tasty treats.

It was a cute, but also dangerous situation and ultimately Parks and Wildlife officers were called into remove the wayward wanderer.

“They tranquilized her and then when she was completely out they carried her out and put her in a little cage and then they took her,” Fortner said.

The cub was orphaned, malnourished and nursing a wounded paw. A trip to the rehabilitation facility awaits the cub. If all goes well, she will be relocated back to the woods in time for hibernation.

Officials said the wound to the cub’s foot could have happened during a run-in with a car.

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