Colorado teen sleepwalks 9 miles

A Colorado teen sleepwalked nine miles on Tuesday morning before she was found wearing only sweatpants and a t-shirt. 

"She did not have shoes. No phone, no money, no purse, no anything. She got up and walked out of the house," said Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Techmeyer of Taylor Gammel.

Police used a bloodhound to track the teen’s scent and followed it for three miles to a 7-11 store. However, the track went cold at the store. 

A witness told deputies they believed they saw the teen at a bus stop but they did not know whether she got on the bus. 

"She has no recollection of being on a bus and she had no money on her," said Techmeyer. 

Three hours after Gammel was reported missing, her cousin found her asleep on their couch. 

Gammel does not remember how she traveled so far. 

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