Come On (Wo)man

Mother Nature really face-planted today’s weather. Sure, we expected the forecast to be cloudy, damp and cool, but as far as calling this the unofficial start to summer, she gets an F for the day. 

There were some bright spots around Mass. this afternoon. Check out that image to the right from earlier in the afternoon. Made it worth the wait in traffic on the Cape bridges to see the sun. But don’t expect it to dawn bright this tomorrow. Low clouds will shroud the sun for a good part of tomorrow. In these setups, however, there are always surprises. So don’t expect it to be gray and gloomy all day. Some sun will pry apart the clouds – perhaps for a few hours – at any given spot.

Sunday’s brighter, warmer…but NOT without a shower risk. Few will pop in the afternoon – and there might even be some downpours or thunder. HOWEVER, this is a passing shower/storm. Not worthy of taking up a lot of time.

Monday’s stellar. Sun, warmth, bit more humid. Summer through-and-through. Enjoy. It’s been a long trip.

Be safe, watch for pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles. And although Monday’s a day for reflection and remembrance on those lost in past wars and conflicts, it’s also a good time to thank a vet!