Comfort dog stolen from Army veteran in Chelsea

CHELSEA, MASS. (WHDH) - A comfort dog was stolen from an Army veteran Wednesday in Chelsea.

Police say Patricia Wojcik, 53, had her dog, Lucy, stolen from a gas station while Wojcik was having a seizure.

“I will give you anything, anything. I need my dog back. Please (can) you just please give her back,” a tearful Wojcik said. “I rely on her for almost everything. I cannot take buses or trains without her with. She makes it so I can live.”

Wojcik was working at Premier Petrol with lucy by her side when she fell ill. She said while EMTs were checking her out, someone stole Lucy.

“She saved me from dying about a week ago because I was having a seizure,” Wojcik said.

Now, Chelsea police are looking for the person who stole Lucy.

They say a license plate number led investigators to an address in New Hampshire, but there was no car and no one at the address.

Wojcik hopes whoever did this has a heart after hearing how desperately she needs Lucy.

“Bring her back to where you picked her up please,” she said.

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