Shaved a few degrees off the temperatures today. Although the wind wasn’t a huge factor, the absence of the sun was. Now our attention turns to other matters as we move forward into the weekend.

The pattern is decidedly active with a no less than 3 threats looming on the horizon. While Saturday is certain to see some inclement weather, much of next week is still up in the air. (Isn’t all weather?) With the jet stream dipping deep into the Midwest, storms are emerging off the Carolina and Mid-Atlantic coasts and heading northeast to New England.

This makes the storm track key to the forecast. As they come off the coast, a slight jog east will cause these storms to swing far offshore. Think of it as spokes in a wheel. Near the hub they’re all close, but as you go out to the rim, they have big gaps between them. So it goes tracking these puppies.

Right now, the most reliable forecast shows a good shakedown from a nor’easter on Saturday. You can see the preliminary details in the graphic to the right, but let me add more:

  • Strong winds are possible in Saturday night as the storm cranks up

  • Some coastal flooding is possible with the Sunday morning high tide.
  • Since we’re changing from rain/mix to all snow, this will be a heavy, wet snowfall. Because of this, there might be some power outages.

    The remainder of the weekend is spent in wind and some sun. We’ll get some melting done as we away to see what else unfolds next week.

    More updates ahead, so stay with 7News.


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