A private firm is hoping to get rid of long lines at airports and sports stadiums with a new form of security screening.

Currently, the TSA is suffering from a staffing shortage nationwide. Nearly 2 million travelers and more than 4 million carry-on bags are checked by security each day at airports. At an airport in Colorado, a new security system by a private firm called "Clear" is being used and long lines are rarely seen.

The system is biometric identification. For $179 a year, people enter their fingerprints and an image of their into Clear’s database. When going through security at airports, members put their fingers on a scanner and a few seconds later, they head to the front of TSA security lines.

Clear’s system is being used at 13 airports so far and with limited space, expanding to more airports has been slow. So Clear CEO Caryn Siedman Becker has brought the system to sports stadiums, including Coors Field in Denver, home to the Colorado Rockies.

"It makes a ton of sense for places where you know there are lines and waits, where you have to enhance security, give people a better experience," said Becker.

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