A nasty line of thunderstorms on the Cape had some folks saying, “what the hail?” (Sorry, some of those “witty” sayings from the newsies are rubbing off.)

This from @lindashaw14 in Centerville:

And this in Mashpee from @BillBuckley12:

Potent little upper low pressure system formed right over the Cape in the early afternoon, flaring up the attendant storms and intensifying the rain for a short period this evening – at least on the Cape. This last stand of rain will exit and allow for complete clearing tonight.

Now the wind has taken hold, and it won’t let go until late tomorrow afternoon. Gusts could top 40mph throughout tomorrow as a cold upper atmosphere slugs it out with strong April sun. Unfortunately, there is no winner projected, but we’ll be caught in the crossfire.

Warmer south winds will blow on Friday to bring back the low/mid 60s. This is looking like the warmest day we’ll see in the next 7-10. Overall, the pattern is changing across the country and the colder air is lobbing back to the Northeast, Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and Mid South. This isn’t shocking, and it isn’t worrying me – just yet. If this were late May, I’d be biting my nails, but it appears now we’ll have ample time for the cold to shake out of the forecast and potentially sail out of this sometime next month. It is worth noting, however, that the overall theme of stalled storms/blocks and cooler than normal air in this pattern will have to be watched for linger effects well into May. (Translated: don’t look for 70s for a while.)


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