Confident Patriots fan gets Super Bowl LII tattoo

BOSTON (WHDH) — A very confident Patriots fan at Northeastern University is sure the Patriots will win their sixth Super Bowl this weekend that he made it permanent, getting a Super Bowl LII tattoo.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Eddy Ferrini said he was dared to get the tattoo and decided to make it happen. While the Super Bowl has not happened yet, he said he felt confident enough to go through with the dare.

“I think they’re pretty much a locked win this game, 100 percent confident,” said Ferrini.

Ferrini stopped by his favorite tattoo parlor to get inked on Saturday. He brushed off any concerns that he may have possibly jinxed the team.

“I say they’re insane. A 21-year-old fan getting a tattoo is going to have an effect on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?” said Ferrini. He said if somehow the Patriots do not win this weekend, he will simply wait until next year and add another “I” when the Patriots win in 2019.

The devoted Patriots fan has also cashed out his mutual funds to fly to Minneapolis, rent a car and somehow get a ticket to the Super Bowl.

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