Congressman Moulton speaks out following death of friend killed in Iraq

Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton is speaking out tonight after a friend and fellow veteran was killed in Iraq.

Moulton, a Marine and Iraq war veteran, served overseas with his colleague, Ehab.

"We formed a friendship that was very deep," Moulton said. "He was my closest friend in the Iraqi Army."

Moulton says his fellow Marine’s death was unnecessary.

"He didn’t sign up for a war," Moulton said. "He didn’t want to go to war but we brought him a war. But then he fought bravely by our side. He repeatedly risked his life not only for his country but for ours."

Moulton, a 37-year-old Democrat, believes part of the problem is that the United States has no plan in place in the war-torn country. And until we do, lives like his friend will be lost again.

"That’s the most tragic part of Ehab’s death," Moulton said. "He’s just fighting the same fights that we’ve already won because we don’t have a plan in place to ensure the political peace. We can’t just keep sending troops back to Iraq again and again."

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