Conn. gov. unveils $33 million plan to help renters, homeowners

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont on Monday unveiled a $33 million plan, which includes both state and federal resources, to provide emergency help for renters, homeowners, and residential landlords affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The package includes $10 million in rental assistance, in the form of payments to landlords on behalf of approved tenants, with a priority on lower-income households who have been denied unemployment insurance. There’s also $5 million to help renters who were in the process of being evicted before the COVID-19 public health emergency was declared, while extending the residential eviction moratorium to Aug. 25.

“The COVID crisis has taken a toll on many Connecticut families. We know that some renters and homeowners are having a hard time paying the costs of their housing. It’s critical that we provide emergency help so that they can stay housed, and to support residential landlords, many of who are mom-and-pop small businesses themselves,” Lamont said in a written statement.

The plan also includes $10 million to provide mortgage relief for homeowners whose mortgages are not federally insured; $4 million to help people pay costs like security deposits and initial rent to address homelessness; $2.5 million in rental assistance for those ineligible for emergency assistance through the federal CARES Act, including people without legal status in the U.S.; and $1.8 million in housing assistance for people released from prison.

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