AVON, Connecticut (WHDH) — A Connecticut man got a wild surprise when he came home to find two bears in his kitchen.

Dustin Puhlaski returned to his Avon home Tuesday afternoon and immediately noticed something was wrong. Then he came face-to-face with the unlikely thieves.

“Noticed my back door is open and took a closer look and bear right in my kitchen staring right at me,” he said.

The 300-pound bear and its partner had blown through the back door and smashed through the living room windows to get at the food inside.

The bears rummaged through cabinets, ate cupcakes, and candy and left a giant mess behind.

Puhlaski said this is the first time he has had an encounter like this.

“They definitely come around close but never inside the house,” he said.

The concerned father has called an environmental agency to investigate the incident after police said the animals were not tagged — a rarity for bears that size.

Officials have warned him that the bears may return.

“Now I gotta make sure everything is locked up. We had put a new alarm system overnight just to make sure he doesn’t come through our door while we’re sleeping.”

If they do come back, Puhlaski said he will be ready.

“We got four kids inside the house we have a lot to look after,” he explained.

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